Afghans based in Toronto - Canada and wish to obtain Machine-Readable Afghan Passports should read the following instructions carefully.


  • The Consulate General Of Afghanistan in Toronto is now extending expired Machine-readable passports (Not handwritten) for a validity period of five years
    • •  An application form must be filled carefully in CAPITAL letters in English and Dari/Pashto for each applicant, with special attention to name and surname’s spelling, date of birth (Day/Month/Year), height, occupation and other specifics and accurate current address in Canada or the United States. Application Form can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.
    • Applicants must send their original passport and along with the application.
    • For Afghans living in Canada:
    •  Payment of 121 United States Dollar must be deposited to the Consulate official account (TD bank account detail is posted blow). You may print the bank account details and bring it to TD bank to deposit the money and send us the original payment receipt.
    • For Afghans living in the United States:
    • •  For those applying from the United States, they must prepare and send a Money Order in the same amount of 121USD and address it to the Consulate of Afghanistan in Toronto. Blank Money Orders will not be accepted.
    • •  The applicants are required to prepare FedEx International Airway Bill or FedEx Account number to send back the passport. Please note that USPS return envelope cannot be processed in Canada.
    • Additional information:
    • •  The applicant must provide a copy of the Residence Permit, or a copy of their convention refugee documents
    • Applications are processed in order of their receipt date by the Consular Section. Applications that are incomplete and/or are missing necessary documents will not be processed.

    • •  After the Consulate receives and accepted the completed application(s) with all the necessary documents and payments, passports will normally be extended within two/four working weeks & urgent same day
    • Applicants are requested to avoid making any travel arrangements before receiving their passports. The Consulate will not accept any responsibility for delay in processing passports applications or changes in client’s travel plans.
    • All applicants are, hereby, notified that they should make sure to have all required supporting documents available before depositing a non-refundable service fee to the Consulate’s bank account.
    • All consular charges are only payable in USD. Payment in any other currency will NOT be accepted.
    • The payment must be received by the Consulate together with your application form before any assessment take place.
    • Payments in cash and personal cheque are NOT accepted under any circumstances.
    • Please attach the original Bank printed receipt along with your application.
    Please make sure to send all of the above mentioned required documents along with your original passport via registered mail to:
    • 477 Richmond St W #901, Toronto, ON M5V 3E7 (416) 385-1033)
  • معلومات در مورد تمدید پاسپورت

    الف: فیس خدمات

    1 تمدید پاسپورت برای مدت ۵ سال: مبلغ ۱۲۱ دالر آمریکایی،
    3 پاسپورت منقضی از تاریخ معینۀ اعتبار، جریمه وضع می گردد. درصورتیکه تاریخ انقضای پاسپورت بیشتر از سه ماه باشد، دارندۀ آن مبلغ ۵ دالر آمریکایی بر اساس محاسبۀ سه ماه و مبلغ ۲۰ دالر آمریکایی بادرنظرداشت انقضای یک سال جریمه می گردند.

    ب: مدت اجراء

    خدمات عاجل با پرداخت مبلغ ۳۰ دالر امریکایی فیس و خدمات عادی بدون فیس اضافی در مدت ۳ الی ۴ هفتۀ کاری اجراء و طی مراحل می گردد.

    د پاسپورت د تمدید په اړه معلومات

    الف: د خدماتو فیس

    1. د ۵ کلونو لپاره د پاسپورت تمدید: ۱۲۱ امریکایي ډالر،

    3. د اعتبار له ټاکلې نیټې څخه په تیرو شوو پاسپورتونو باندې جریمه وضع کیږي. هغه کسان چې د پاسپورت د اعتبار نیټه یې له دریو میاشتو تیره شي، د درې میاشتو په پام کې نیولو سره ۵ امریکایي ډالر او له یادې نیټې څخه تر یو کال وخت تیریدو باندې ۲۰ امریکایي ډالر جریمه کیږي.

    ب: د اجراء اړتیاوړ وخت

    عاجل خدمتونه د ۳۰ امریکایي ډالرو فیس په ورکولو او عادي خدمتونه له اضافي فیس پرته له ۳ تر ۴ اونیو وخت کې اجراء او طی مراحل کیږي.


  • • Passport extension Information:

    $ 121, - US Dollars for 5 years extension

    Please note:

    There is late fees imposed on expired passports that will be calculated based on 5 USD for every three months or $20 for each year from the date of expiry.

    (For same day service an urgent fee of $ 30, - may apply)

    Regular Passport Extension application will be processed during 3 up to 4 weeks
  • • Bank Details:
    TD Bank 
    Branch: 1704
    Account: 7313285


If you have read the information given above and are ready to apply, please download a passport form.



Please make sure the address before sending the package & also take a picture of the package with tracking number email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. : Address: 477 Richmond St W #901, Toronto, ON M5V 3E7 Contact: +1 416 385 1033








This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.