ALL local and international Driving Licenses issued by the Afghan Ministry of Interior Affairs (MoIA), will be sent to MoIA by this General Consulate for verification. This is a time-consuming process and is solely dependent on proceedings at MoIA. The General Consulate has no influence over MoIA’s proceedings. 

All the applicants shall carefully read the following instructions and information and apply accordingly:

  • APPOINTMENT: There is NO need for an appointment as the service can be provided distanced.
  • VISIT IN PERSON: NO need to visit the General Consulate in-person. All required documents can be sent to the Embassy by post. Please include an Express/Registered return self-addressed envelope along with the required documents. 
  • a) Request letter. the applicant should write a request letter addressed to this General Consulate and outline the services needed with personal details (name, father’s name, date and place of birth, current address).
    b) Driver License Verification Form. The applicant should complete the driver licence verification form in BLOCK letters. The form can be downloaded from this link.
    c) National (Afghan) or International Driving License Copy issued by MoIA.
    d) Passport copy.
    e) Copy of German Residence Permit.
    f) Express/Registered self-addressed envelope. An Express/Registered self-addressed return envelope MUST be included in the postal package. Without this, the General Consulate will NOT be able to return the document(s) to the applicant.
  • FEE: The Consulate General charges 30 EURO for this service. This fee can be paid by by credit/debit cards by EFTPOS in Consulate General.
  • a) Once the General Consulate receives the package by post, it is processed within 1 week, provided that the required documents are complete. The General Consulate sends the documents with a letter to Consulate Directorate of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan (MFA) which in turn refers the request for verification to MoIA. This is a time-consuming process and takes up to six weeks or more.
    b) The MoIA through MFA informs the General Consulate via email about the verification of the driver license(s).
    c) The General Consulate returns the package with the Verification Certificate to the applicant using the Express/Registered self-addressed envelope (It is extremely important for ALL applicants to include an Express/Registered self-addressed envelope with the initial postal package and send it to the General Consulate).
  • Please note that the General Consulate can not process the application for extension or renewal of the Driving Licenses. 


If you have read the information given above and are ready to apply, please download a Absentee Tazkira application form and book an online appointment, please note that if you are applying family, you need to book seperate appointments for each application




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